Managing the Healthcare Staffing Shortage

There are many healthcare facilities that are struggling to manage staffing levels in terms of nursing and administrators. The demand for nursing homes, assisted living settings, and other long-term facilities has spiked with the aging population. Qualified nursing professionals and administrators have not increased at the same rate. Owners have to be creative to remain in compliance with health and safety regulations.

New Approaches

Interim Leadership Staffing is a way to fill in essential gaps while searching for permanent personnel. Qualified candidates with leadership abilities can be presented by 360 Healthcare Staffing, which is a leading recruiting agency that specializes in staffing needs of long-term care facilities. Rather than just a body to fill the space and be included in the staff to patient ratio, candidates are selected to be participating members of a leadership team.

Administrators, for example, will be familiar with regulations, reporting requirements, budgeting input, and other executive duties. Directors of Nursing (DON) will have experience in that position and be able to fulfill all the expectations of a permanent professional in that same position. The facility will remain in compliance, have a valuable asset for the duration of the placement, and be able to carefully consider candidates for the position instead of rushing to get it filled.

Traveling Nurses

Another option is to utilize the services of traveling nurses to fill vacant positions. Assignments are usually thirteen weeks in duration with an opportunity to renew for an additional thirteen weeks. Not only will this option fill positions, it provides facility personnel with different perspectives, the chance to learn new skills, and an understanding of how things are done in other areas of the country.

RNs, LPNs, and even certified nurses’ aides (CNAs) are available to travel to any areas that cannot find local personnel and professionals. This is especially important for facilities in rural and remote areas. It can be difficult to find people willing to travel to those under-served places. The agency has professionals interested in traveling to a variety of places, so coverage can be found quickly. Provide staffing info regarding needs, pay rates, and dates to get the process started.

Permanent Candidates

The search for candidates to fill positions permanently can be time-consuming and daunting. Owners and executives have to focus on the current patients and staff to ensure a high quality of care. Let the agency spend time seeking candidates to permanently fill positions. Go online and view 360 Healthcare Staffing for details on solutions for professional shortages.


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